Professional Development


“You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another.”
— Leviticus 19:11

Development of successful leaders, entrepreneurs and executives requires a focus on moral and ethical character; cornerstone traits of the Christian faith. The Wehba Foundation, in turn, functions under the belief that the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible provide the best fundamental guidance for a life and career path grounded in moral and ethical practices. Thus, helping individuals identify and understand God’s plan for their life is a critical step to shaping the goals of professionals and community leaders dedicated to a prosperous and peaceful society.

To share the benefits of this Christian mindset in the professional world, the Wehba Foundation is a direct supporter of events and programs that foster the alignment of faith and professionalism through spiritual awareness and best practices. The foundation also supports a variety of organizations that promote these same qualities amongst our youth and professional communities through ongoing mentoring and curriculum established to foster moral and ethical character.

As a co-founder of the ASCEND Conference for Remarkable Women, Susan Wehba has established the Wehba Foundation as a platform developing structured events that foster personal awareness, professional character and worthy goals shaped by spiritual purpose through faith in Jesus Christ. The Wehba Foundation expects to expand on her leadership in this arena by aligning with and developing other similar events in the future that prioritize faith as a path to professional and personal development in communities across the United States and beyond.